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Choices made on a daily basis affect your current well-being and your health status in the years to come.  The importance of exercising on a consistent basis has been documented for many years.  Exercise can lead to a state of fitness and may play an important part in achieving overall wellness.  However, many who begin an exercise program will drop out during the first 3-6 months.  Others struggle with adopting habits to increase well-being.


Those who do not find time for exercise 
(or good nutrition*)
will have to find time for illness.

The Earl of Derby

*Editorial Addition


Optimal health can be enhanced with the proper use of essential oils.  Many are available in stores
and through distributors, but only one company is known to process the therapeutic grade essential oils from        
"Seed to Seal®".   Young Living exercises quality control from the botanical seeds planted to cultivating, harvesting, and distilling.  Caution, care, and ethical guidelines are used in each step from seed germination, nurturing, and reaping the grown plants at just the right stage of growth.  Click on the Essential Oils page or visit


Many factors play a role in the ability to adopt and maintain a personal wellness program. Often
the lack of credible information, specific direction and self-motivation are causes for the lack of success. fitwellcleveland can help individuals, families, groups and businesses with the process!


fitwellcleveland can help you to take the necessary steps toward a healthier lifestyle.     I am dedicated to the pursuit of well-being in my own life and seek to assist with this pursuit in the lives of others.  To my clients and customers -- I pledge to be honest, understanding and focused on helping you to achieve your goals. 

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